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The Chakras: Portal to Self

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

As it does for many of us, the chakras came into my life first through yoga. I instantly felt intrigued and connected to them some how, even though my understanding of them at the time was very limited. It was when I began my journey of becoming a reiki healer that my knowledge, understanding, and connection to the language of the chakras evolved and grew. Now, with 6 years of life experiences interpreted through the chakra system, I am so excited to share with you the wisdom that I’ve gathered thus far.

The chakra system is dated back thousands of year ago, in the ancient texts of India, called the Upanishads, and holds more wisdom than the mind can comprehend. In very basic terms Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel or disc” and indicates a sense of movement that goes beyond time and space. Chakras are like energetic vortexes or portals that fluctuate and change as you do. They are energy centres in the energetic body that are found along the centre channel called the Sushumna Nadi.

Each chakra is depicted as it own lotus flowers with varying numbers of petals and symbols that represent different connecting points and seed sounds. Like the systems in your physical body, they are interconnected and interwoven, drawn out in the language of energy and vibration, and provide a portal to your Self. It is a language like any other, depicted through symbolism and given meaning based on experiences and perceptions.

Chakras are interconnected and interwoven, drawn out in the language of energy and vibration, and provide a map of your self and to your Self.

Chakras are influenced by everything from the body, mind, and emotions, to the environment, lessons, karma, past life, and ancestral trauma. In the physical body they are located along the spine as nerve plexuses, playing their role of sending electrical impulses from the nervous system to the parts of the body in which they are linked. Imbalances in each of the chakras correspond to and are reflected in the health of the body, its organs, and systems. When the physical body is expressing disease in some way, the corresponding chakra will also show in dis-ease. However, it is possible, and in fact common, for an imbalance to take place in any given part of your chakras system without showing up in the physical body because it is working on a more subtle plan of existence.

The mental and emotional bodies largely influence both your physical body and your chakra system. Different categories of thoughts, emotions, and experiences correlate with different chakras and influence their balance accordingly, just as they cause us to hold stress and tension in different parts of our bodies. When your mind is in a present and peaceful place your chakras are much more likely to find balance and expand. Everything is interconnected.

The expansive field of the chakras come together to form the Magnetic field, the aura that surrounds all living things. It contains information about the physical, mental, and emotional health of the being, as well as, information about the past, present, and future.

So, what are the 7 portals?

The Root Chakra - The Survival Centre

The Sacral Chakra - The Creative Centre

The Solar Plexus Chakra - The Power Centre

The Heart Chakra - The Love Centre

The Throat Chakra - The Expression Centre

The Third Eye Chakra - The Perception Centre

The Crown Charka - The Spiritual Centre

Within the upcoming weeks I will be diving into each of the chakras, offering wisdom and guidance, and sharing some exciting news!

Please stay tuned!

Jess xo

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