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Inner Seasons

Inner Seasons

Honouring your Cyclical Nature

A  bi-weekly 11 week journey of opening ceremony + connecting to each of your inner seasons + awakening the divine feminine within + connecting to your womb's wisdom + opening your heart to self love & intuitive guidance



Connect to your body, womb, pleasure & desires + Reawaken your intuition & authentic divine feminine self + Open your heart to self love & acceptance

This is an 11 week journey of: 

  • Menstrual Awareness & Inner Season Discovery

  • Archetype Embodiment & Ritual Play

  • The Energetics, Alignment & Lifestyle of Cyclical Living

  • Connection to your Womb & Intuitive Voice

  • Healing Techniques & Practices


Inner Seasons is a sacred journey for the woman who desires to connect deeply to her womb, her intuitive guiding voice & cycling seasons. It is for the woman who knows that there is something divine within her waiting to be unleashed - a wisdom, a knowing, a truth.


It is a program designed to awaken you to the wisdom of your womb, to awaken your divine Shakti, to open your heart to the self love that you seek & deserve, and to connect you to your higher Self & authentic expression.

Archetypes Embodiment of...
The Maiden
The Mother
The Wild Woman
The Wise Woman

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Ritual & Ceremony


Womb Wisdom

Cyclical Embodiment


Archetype Activation

Seasonal Movement & Meditation

Divine Feminine Awakening

Remembrance of Truth & Authenticity


Self Love & Intuitive Guidance

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Through the years of my awakening and healing journey it has become more and more clear to me that the place/state/feeling we all desire to experience lies within the womb of every woman, the void, the cosmic ocean, the heart of the divine mother.


When we connect deeply to the voice of our womb, when we honour our cycle we not only become more of who we truly are, but our evolution is catalyzed. BIG TIME. Our womb and her cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth carries all the wisdom we came here to remember. 

Her power is infinite, her love is pure, and her voice will guide you back home. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Who its for:

Those wanting to connect deeply to their womb and menstrual cycle.

Those that desire to re-awaken their feminine essence. 


Those desiring to deepen their connection to their body, pleasure & desires.

Those that want to remember their innate intuitive voice.

Those wanting to live a more divine & guided life.


Who its Not for:

Those who don't have interest in their womb or menstrual cycle.

Those don't feel the desire to embody a more feminine essence.

Those who are not seeking more pleasure, love, connection, presence, alignment, or intuition.

Those who don't want to invest in themselves & their growth.

Those who don't wish to lead a more guided & connected life.

Inner Seasons
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