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Vocal Alchemy

Next in person course begins March 22nd!


A 5 Week Vocal Awakening & Transformation Journey Using The Vibrations Of Your Voice To Heal From The Inside Out!

What You'll Receive

  • 5x Weekly 90 Minute In Person or Online Classes

  • Practices To Tap Into & Awaken Your Voice

  • Practices To Use Your Voice As A Healing Instrument

  • Chakra Based Sounds & Balancing Practices

  • How To Create Your Own Melodies & Channel Divide Sound

  • Connection & Healing For Your Human, Heart & Spirit

  • Sister Sharing Circle To Share You Voice & Stories

  • Integration Practices & Take Home Ebook

Vocal Alchemy is a mini 5 day course for the woman who deeply desires to connect to and awaken her voice. Sound Healing is one of the most ancient and powerful modalities of healing on the planet, yet we forget we are the instrument. When we use are voices as the instrument of healing through vibrations we heal ourselves from the inside out.

This course is designed to help you use you voice to heal the 3 major aspects of who you are a being. We explore ourselves in human, heart and spirit, and create balance and harmony from within by using the healing vibrations and sounds of our voices.


Who It's For:

  • The woman ready to access and express her own unique voice

  • The woman ready to experience the power of her voice

  • The woman who desires to use her voice as a healing instrument

  • The woman ready share her divine messages and sounds with the world​

  • The woman ready to heal herself from the inside out

Vocal Alchemy
  • Vocal Alchemy (Pay In Full)

    Valid for one month
  • Vocal Alchemy (Payment Plan)

    Every 2 weeks
    Valid for 8 weeks
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