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Vocal Awakening

Beginning Online on June 27th!

Vocal Awakening is my online group mentorship program for women who want to awaken their voice, heal the blocks around their voice, and share their voice with the world!


It is a 9 week sacred journey of awakening and healing, activating and channeling. Each week we will highlight a pivotal aspect of the voice, heal through somatic vocal expression, and implement vocal awakening practices to bring more of your authentic voice online.

This course is designed to awaken your authentic voice in the forms of writing, speaking, and singing, heal pivotal blocks and beliefs that refrain you from using and sharing your voice, regulate your nervous system, and give you the tools and confidence to share your vocal creations!

Vocal · Awakening

Beginning weekly online on Thursday June 27th at 9:00am EST

What You'll Receive

  • 9x Weekly 60-75 Minute Transmissions & Take Home Practices

  • Vocal Awakening & Throat Chakra Healing

  • Somatic Vocal Practices & Nervous System Regulation

  • Connection To & Activation Of Your Writing, Speaking & Singing Voices

  • Sisterhood With Like Minded Women Also Awakening Their Voices

  • A Sense Of Security & Belonging In Your Voice & The World

  • An Awakening Of Your Creativity & Confidence To Share Your Voice

  • Tapping Into Your Authentic & Unique Soul Expression

  • The Tools & Confidence To Start Sharing Your Voice With The World

  • And so much more!!!

Vocal Awakening is about healing from the blocks and beliefs that keep you disconnected from your voice, and tapping into the infinite well of creativity from within you and above you. From an open, confident and regulated place, you will learn to connect to and share your unique voice and expression with the world!

We will cover everything from foundational vocal exercises and somatic practices to regulate your nervous system and improve your spoken and singing voices, to flow state practices to open your creative channel and activate your unique expression both in word and on paper, and everything in-between!

Topics We Will Cover: 

  • Your Writing, Speaking & Singing Voices

  • Fear & The Sense of Belonging and Security

  • Voice of The Womb & Tapping Into Creativity 

  • Shame & Feminine Sensual Expression

  • Cultivating Confidence & Leaving The Comfort Zone

  • Importance of The Breath & Diaphragm

  • Nervous System Regulation Practices

  • Feminine, Masculine & Resonant Sound

  • Your Creative & Intuitive Voice

  • High Range, Mid Range & Low Range Voices

  • Love & Communication in Intimate Relationships

  • Healing & Opening Your Throat Chakra

  • Your Unique Voice of Expression & Gifts

  • Channeling The Voice & Messages of Spirit

  • Implementing All Kinds of Boundaries

  • Vocal Liberation & Divine Feminine Revolution


The Awakening Journey:

  • Vocal Awakening

    • ​​Opening Ceremony - You will connect to, open & awaken your voice.

  • Creating Security

    • Module One​​ - You will connect to your inner child & activate boundaries & self love.

  • Sound Of Shakti

    • ​Module Two - You will awaken your low range, divine feminine, pleasure & creative voices. 

  • Cultivating Confidence

    • Module Three​ - You will regulate your nervous system, & activate your divine masculine & penetrative voice.

  • Sound Of Love

    • Module Four​ - You will awaken your mid range, resonant, heart centre, & prayer voices with love.

  • Activating Expression

    • Module Five​ - You will heal your throat & drop into flow state to access your unique creative expression.

  • Sound Of Spirit

    • Module Six​ - You will awaken your high range & intuitive voices, & play with channelling light language.

  • Channeling Divinity

    • Module Seven​ - You will connect to your spirit self, open your channel & activate spiritual boundaries.

  • Vocal Liberation

    • Closing Ceremony​ - You will clear, remember & liberate your voice.

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The Awakened Woman Upgrade:

Awakened Woman is a 1:1 VIP upgrade option for 2 women inside of Vocal Awakening.


When you rise into the identity of The Awakened Woman, you receive EVERYTHING in Vocal Awakening...and MORE.

Awakened Woman is my most exclusive and intimate 1:1 mentorship program for the woman ready to DIVE DEEP into healing her voice.


It is a 9 week long sacred journey of weekly 1:1 mentorship calls of awakening for the woman who desires to embody her highest self, heal her voice, and be held accountable to her evolution of authentic and creative expression. 


It is for the woman who is ready to go all in on herself, her life, her vocal healing, and her love.


It is a private mentorship inside of the Vocal Awakening group mentorship program that meets you exactly where your at every week to work through any problems or blocks your experiencing within yourself and your voice, and lift you up into your highest possible alignment and embodiment. 

Who It's For:

  • The woman ready to take herself, her vocal healing & awakening more seriously​.

  • The woman who knows that through awakening her voice she will awaken all parts of her authentic self.

  • The woman who is ready to receive support in moving through blocks & trauma around her voice.

  • The woman ready to show up in more of her vocal expression in her service, relationships and life.

  • The woman ready to go all in on herself because she knows the time to awaken her voice is NOW & she's worth it!

Vocal Awakening
  • Vocal Awakening Pay In Full

    Valid for 2 months
  • Vocal Awakening Payment Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 2 months
  • Awakened Woman 1:1 Pay In Full Upgrade

    Valid for 2 months
  • Awakened Woman 1:1 Payment Plan Upgrade

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
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