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Chakra Guide

Chakra E-Guide

The Chakra Healing Guide is an E - Guide designed to assist those looking to dive deep within themselves and heal through the intuitive language and art of the chakra system. This is a beginner - intermediate guide that takes you on a journey through each of the chakras from root to crown, providing you with general information about each of your chakras so that you can build an understanding of these energetic vortexes within.


You will receive with tools such as yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama, reiki healing, sound healing, colour therapy, aromatherapy and so much more to develop a deeper more intuitive connection with yourself. This guide is for anyone looking to take their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing into their own hands and develop a loving connection to themselves and strengthen their own intuitive voice. 

Part 1


The first part of the Chakra Healing guide is an accumulation of necessary knowledge and information on the chakras and magnetic field in order for you to gain an understanding of the energetic system. This gives you the vital opportunity to make connections to, and better understand, your self.

Part 2


The second part of the Chakra Healing Guide is the implementation of all the knowledge and practices discussed in the beginning. You will be guided through practices for each individual chakra and the aura in order to experience transformations in your energy body, and any and all areas of your life. 


What it Contains

✓ An introduction of what the chakras are

✓ In-depth information and understanding of each individual chakra

✓ Connections between the chakras and the aura

✓ Many different types of healing tools and techniques

✓ Implementation of healing tools and practices for each chakra

✓ Healing practices for the aura

✓ So much more!

Chakra Guide
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