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Womb Guide

Womb E-Guide

This mini Womb Guide is an E - Guide designed to assist those looking to deepen their connection and understanding of their womb and menstrual cycle. This is a beginner friendly guide that takes you on a journey through each of the seasons of your menstrual cycle, providing you with knowledge and wisdom to soften into your feminine essence and her different facets. 

You will receive basic information on feminine anatomy and each of the seasons including divine feminine archetypes, embodiment practices and journaling prompts!

Each cycle is an opportunity to develop a deeper more intuitive connection with yourself through the voice of your womb. This guide is for divine feminine beings  looking to soften and surrender into their femininity, live more in tune with their body, and connect more deeply to their menstrual cycle.


✓ Basic Internal Female Anatomy

✓ Menstrual Cycle Phases

✓ Inner Seasons

✓ Seasonal Feminine Archetypes

✓ Seasonal Aligned Embodiment Cues

✓ Seasonal Journaling Prompts

What it Contains

Womb Guide
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