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Women's Circles


Moon circles are a sacred gathering for women to come together to connect in ritual, devotion, healing and connection. To sit in circle, listen and share, heal sisterhood wounds, break down the barriers of our pussies, minds, and hearts, and to honour the divine feminine.

This is a safe space for sisters to come together, to learn, express, connect and heal. 

In circle we will have sharing of moon wisdom, stories and experiences. We will be in ceremony, ritual, and devotion. And we will play, sing and dance!


Ceremonial cacao is pure cacao bean ground into a paste and made into a ceremonial chocolate drink. It is infused with love, devotion, prayers and intention, and has been used in sacred ceremonies for centuries. 

Cacao is a plant medicine that is full of vitamins, minerals and magic, and has a positive affect on the circulatory system.

Mamma cacao is most commonly known as a powerful heart opener that holds you, nurtures. you, and re-centres you in a state of love.



  • Ceremonial Cacao

  • Ritual & Ceremony

  • Moon & Womb Wisdom

  • Sisterhood & Connection

  • Sacred Sister Sharing

  • Singing & Chanting

  • Medicine Songs & Mantras

  • Divine Feminine Dance & Movement

  • Feminine Embodiment

Womens Circle

New Moon Women's Circle




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