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Healing & Guidance

For your Life

Sometimes in life we need a little extra support and guidance to help us get through times of darkness, suffering, or confusion to get us back on our path and follow our true North. If you are seeking personal help for your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, are open to receive support in the form of intuitive yoga, meditation, breathing, healing, sound, and deep conversations, and are willing to put in the work to create the inner life you desire than this is for you!


Each coaching and healing session will begin with a brief introduction and an opportunity to share intentions and focus.

They offer personal support, affirmations for your inner voice, and an unlimited amount of intuitive tools, techniques and practices, all tailored to you and your personal needs. This will help you cultivate the change your seeking within your life and self, provide you with tons of mindfulness for self love and care to deepen your connection with your self, and give you mental, emotional, and spiritual guidance and inspiration.


They also include Reiki healing techniques in order to connect to the different energetic layers of your energy body's well as additional healing modalities such as essential oils, incense and sage, crystal healing, colour therapy, and sound therapy.


You will be provided with affirmations and intuitive insight regarding your healing journey, and tools to take home with you to continue in your newly found alignment.



As the divine feminine, yin energy rises once again on our planet it is coming to the front line of the feminine experience to connect to and heal the womb. Many of us growing up in an overly masculine society and culture have hidden and suppressed our innate feminine nature, wisdom, intuition, pleasure, joy, and love. 

With this disconnect we are lost, we feel unwholesome, unhappy, numb, depressed, anxious and burnt out. We suppress our pleasure, our sensual and sexual expression, and our creative gifts.

Womb healing will reconnect you to your wise and bleeding body, your pleasure and pain, your authentic voice and expression, your passion for life, your truth...

Coaching & Healing
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