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Medicine Woman

Group Mentorship For Medicine Women & Wisdom Keepers.

The Medicine Woman is within you.


She is your natural state and way of being, healing and weaving threads of love and light into the world.

She has been forgotten and it’s time you remember.

You are the Medicine Woman.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for, the one that can heal all wounds and return you back to your light.

Medicine Woman

Group Mentorship For Medicine Women & Wisdom Keepers.

We'll Explore

  • Archetype Embodiment

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Tantric Practices

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Breath Work

  • Vocal Activation

  • Spiritual Gift Development

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The Collective:

The Collective is Tier 1 of Medicine Woman.


Here in The Collective, you are welcomed in to a loving & powerful group of women where we come together to learn, heal and grow.


This space is accessible and available for any woman who desires to take her healing to the next level and go deeper on her journey of feminine transformation.

The Collective is beginner friendly, however some general knowledge about the chakras and some previous self development work will help her get the most out of it. 

Together we will learn, heal and alchemize the wounding within each chakra through knowledge and body based somatic practice. 

We will dive into the 7 major areas of self (according to the chakras) and heal the deepest and common blocks and imbalances associated with each through a somatic practice. 

We will take the knowledge and wisdom and move it through the body and mind for healing to occur. 

You will receive a medicine book for each module to take the healing home and integrate.


The Collective

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The Coven:

The Coven is Tier 2 of Medicine Woman.


When you step inside The Coven, you receive EVERYTHING in The Collective...and MORE.

Step into an intimate room of sisters coming together to dive deeper and share their own unique journey and sit in a circle of women who are ready to identify as a Medicine Woman.

Together we will share our stories and guide each other through deep healing and shadow work as a wise group of sisters.

This is for woman who have already been on their healing journey for a while and are ready to take their journey deeper and more seriously.

Its for women who want to be seen, heard, and felt, as well as connect deeply and share with like minded sisters on similar paths.

For women who are ready to step into more of a role of space holder/healer in the world through their service.

You will also receive on the spot coaching & guidance from me on our group calls & a meditation recording for each module to take your healing practice deeper within on your own at home.


The Coven

Biweekly Calls

Every other week we meet exclusively for a sharing & coaching circle.

Sisterhood Sharing

We will gather together as sisters in circle to share more intimately our stories.

Group Coaching

We will offer support & wisdom to our fellow sisters as Medicine Women.

Guided Meditations

With each circle you will receive a pre-recorded take home meditation.

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The Awakened Woman:

The Awakened Woman is Tier 3 of Medicine Woman.


When you rise into the identity of The Awakened Woman, you receive EVERYTHING in The Collective, The Coven...and MORE.

Awakened Woman is my most exclusive and intimate 1:1 mentorship program for the Medicine Woman ready to DIVE DEEP into her healing & embodiment.


It is a 4 month long sacred journey of biweekly 1:1 mentorship calls  of awakening for the woman who desires to embody her highest self, heal and be held accountable in any and all areas of her life. 


It is for the woman who is ready to go all in on herself, her life, her healing, and her love.


It is a private mentorship inside of the Medicine Woman group mentorship program that meets you exactly where your at every second week to work through any problems or blocks your experiencing within yourself, and lift you up into your highest possible alignment and embodiment. 


Who is The
Medicine Woman?

The Medicine Woman is an alchemist, and magician who can transform any form of darkness into light. 

She is a trailblazer, a courageous torch bearer who willingly walks into her own shadows and brings the light. 

She has the power to turn pain into pleasure, sadness into joy, fear into love, and separation into unity

She makes the unknown, known

She is a master of energy. 

She is intuitive, psychic of sorts, and posses unique healing gifts to offer first herself, then the world. 

She is a healer, a mother, a friend, and a lover

She sees the potential in all and knows the way there. 

She is deeply connected to the elements, Mother nature, and the unseen, because she somehow sees. 

She has a medicine basket full of tools, techniques, wisdom, and love. 

She is ready to heal herself and serve the world.

The Medicine:

Opening Ceremony begins 2/22 at 9:00am EST

  • Becoming The Medicine Woman

    • ​​Calling forward and activating the medicine woman that lives within you, to guide you and heal you through your own intuitive voice

  • Back To The Roots

    • ​​A deep dive into the mother and father lines, the trauma we hold from childhood, and an activation of the inner divine parents

  • Awakening Kundalini Shakti

    • An awakening of your divine feminine, creative, sexual, sensual essence, and healing blocks and traumas around shame 

  • Standing In Your Power

    • ​An activation of your inner power, confidence and sense of self, what it means to shine your light with a regulated nervous system

  • The Magic Of Your Love

    • Tapping into the unique medicine and healing light we all possess within our hearts, and healing our relationship to the other

  • Sharing Your Medicine​​​

    • An activation of your unique voice and expression of your creative gifts and service in the world, healing imposter syndrome

  • Awakening Your Psychic Gifts

    • ​An awakening of your psychic and spiritual gifts based on your own unique perspective and perception of the world and past experiences 

  • Channeling God/dess

    • ​​A deep dive into who god/dess is in relationship to you as the medicine woman, and clearing any blocks around religious trauma

  • Celebrating The Medicine Woman

    • A celebratory ceremony to acknowledge how far you have come on your healing  journey, and solidify your identity as The Medicine Woman


Who It's For:

  • The woman ready to step into her role as a healer & a leader​

  • The woman who is ready to rise into her Dharma (sacred divine purpose) by Being who she came here to be

  • The woman ready to take her healing into her own hands

  • The woman ready to take ownership over her shadows & turn them into her super powers

  • The woman ready to own her spiritual & creative gifts, & share her unique expression with the world

  • The woman who is ready to fill up her medicine basket with healing tools that actually work

Medicine Woman
  • The Collective (Pay In Full)

    Valid for 4 months
  • The Collective (Payment Plan)

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
  • The Coven (Pay In Full)

    Valid for 4 months
  • The Coven (Payment Plan)

    Every month
    Valid for 5 months
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