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Awakened Woman

Awakened Woman is my most exclusive and intimate 1:1 mentorship program for the Woman ready to DIVE DEEP into her healing & embodiment.


It is a sacred journey of awakening for the woman who desires to embody her highest self, heal and be held accountable in any and all areas of her life. It is for the woman who is ready to go all in on herself, her life, her healing, and her love.


It is a private mentorship inside of the Medicine Woman & Vocal Awakening group mentorship programs that meets you exactly where your at during the course to work through any problems or blocks your experiencing within yourself, and lift you up into your highest possible alignment and embodiment. 


A Mentorship For The Woman Who Is Ready To Transform Her Life, Be Held Accountable, And Embody Her Highest Potential!

What You'll Receive

  • 9x  90 Minute Coaching Calls

  • 1:1 Somatic Coaching, Guidance & Healing

  • Integration Practices & Daily Telegram Support Between Calls

  • A Deep Dive Into All Aspects of Yourself & Your Life

  • Someone to Hold You Accountable to Your Growth

  • Me In Your Back Pocket To Support You, Guide You and Cheer You On

  • Full Access to The Medicine Woman Collective & Coven or Vocal Awakening


An Awakened Woman is a woman who knows herself, loves herself, and holds herself. She is a woman in her power, grounded in her womb, open in her heart, connected to her spirit, and embodied in her higher self.

A woman awakened is a woman who has risen to the next level of her potential, she sees clearly who she is, where she's been, and where she's going. She is a woman willing to look at her shadows, love them and heal them, and grow into more of herself through them.

She is eyes wide open, standing firmly with her feet on the earth, and her heart flowing with love.

Topics We Will Cover: 

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Womb Healing

  • Sex & Sensuality

  • Self Confidence

  • Mind Set & Limiting Beliefs

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Purpose & Divine Service

  • Self Love & Care

  • Love & Intimate Relationships

  • Creative Expression

  • Voice Activation

  • Cultivating Intuition & Inner Guidance

  • Psychic Gift Development

  • Channeling Spirit

  • Relationship With God/dess


Who It's For:

  • The woman ready to take herself, her healing & her awakening more seriously

  • The woman who is ready to receive support in all areas of her life & purpose

  • The woman ready to be held accountable to her souls desires

  • The woman ready to go all in on herself because she knows her time is NOW & she's worth it!

Awakened Woman
  • Awakened Woman 1:1 Pay In Full Upgrade

    Valid for 2 months
  • Awakened Woman 4 Monthly Payments

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
  • Awakened Woman 8 Monthly Payments

    Every month
    Valid for 8 months
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