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Aligned Woman

Spiritual. Sexual. Reborn.

Aligned Woman is my most popular 1:1 mentorship program for the woman ready to DIVE DEEP into the healing and awakening of her womb, heart and spirit.


It is a sacred journey of alignment and embodiment for the woman who desires to connect to her womb, open her heart, and awaken her spirit. It is for the woman who is ready to go all in on herself, her alignment, her healing, and her love.

A woman living in alignment with her holy trinity is a grounded, sensual, powerful, loving, and wise woman. She has reclaimed her power, her magic, and her love. This kind of woman is a force of nature and the embodiment of the god/dess herself.


A mentorship for the woman who desires to connect to her womb, open her heart, awaken her spirit & embody her unified self!

What You'll Receive

  • 5 Weekly  90 Minute Coaching Calls

  • 1:1 Somatic Coaching, Guidance & Healing

  • Daily Messaging Support Between Calls

  • Integration Practices & An Exclusive Holy Trinity Series Slow Drip

  • A Deep Dive Into Your Spirit, Womb & Heart

  • Someone to Hold You Accountable to Your Growth & Embodiment

  • Me In Your Back Pocket To Support You, Guide You & Cheer You On

  • Alignment & Embodiment of Your Holy Trinity of ​Womanhood

  • Balance Between Your Feminine & Masculine Self

  • A Unified, Abundant & Magnetic Heart


An Aligned Woman is a woman who knows herself, loves herself, and holds herself. She is a woman in her power, grounded in her womb, open in her heart, connected to her spirit, and embodied in her higher self.

A woman aligned is a woman who flows with her natural cycle and rhythm, is in her pleasure and therefore her power, is loving and nurturing, yet has healthy boundaries. She is awake, aware and deeply attuned to her spirit.

She knows who she is, she isn't afraid to look at her shadows or feel the stickiness in her body. She is authentic, courageous, and kind. She is deeply attuned to the unseen realms and brings more of god into the world through her love, channel, and creations.

Holy Trinity Healing: 

The Spirit

  • Connection to God

  • Psychic Perception

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Intuitive Voice

  • Channeling Spirit

  • Masculine Energy

The Womb

  • Menstrual Cycle

  • Cyclical Living

  • Sex & Sensuality

  • Pleasure & Shame

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Feminine Energy

  • The Heart

  • Love & Intimacy

  • Relationships & Boundaries

  • Self Love & Self Care

  • Abundance & Scarcity

  • Divine Service

  • Unified Energy



1) Opening Ceremony - Clearing Your Vision

2) Activating Your Spirit - Connecting To Your Higher Self

3) Awakening Your Womb - Unleashing Your Pleasure

4) Opening Your Heart - Tapping Into Your Love

5) Closing Ceremony - Celebrating Your Alignment


Who It's For:

  • The woman ready to take herself, her healing & her embodiment more seriously

  • The woman who is ready to receive support in connecting to her womb, cycle and pleasure

  • The woman who knows she is meant to birth something deeply healing and unique into the world

  • The woman who knows she is here for more and has a higher purpose in life

  • The woman ready to open her heart to more love and abundance

  • The woman who desires to deepen into her spiritual life path

  • The woman ready to go awaken her spirit and activate her intuitive voice

  • The woman who feels stuck in a loop of old behaviours,  patterns and mind sets

  • The woman who feels lost and disconnected from who she truly is and what she is meant to embody

  • The woman who knows what changes need to be made in order for her to be embodied but isn't holding herself accountable the way she wants to

  • The woman who wants to find a balance in her feminine and masculine energy

  • The woman who wants to live a heart centred, abundant and magnetic life

How To Know It's

For You:

  • You've been going through a depth process and it's time to be reborn

  • You feel lost on your path or lost in your sense of self

  • You've begun your spiritual and sexual awakening journey and it's time to take it to the next level

  • You are in the process of being reborn but feel stuck in the birth canal

  • You've began reclaiming your sexuality, sensuality and power but are not quite where you'd like to be

  • You've had moments of spiritual awakening but are still not living in divine synchronicity and guidance like you want to be

  • You've done work on your scarcity mindset and your ready to tap into a new level of your abundance and magnetism

  • You know your here for a divine mission but you're not yet putting yourself out there like you'd like to be

  • You get moments of intutition and guidance but you don't have as much follow through as you could

  • You've identified your negative behaviours and limiting mind sets, but haven't had the accountability required in order to get to the next level of life

Aligned Woman
  • Aligned Woman Pay In Full

    Valid for 5 weeks
  • Aligned Woman Monthly Payment Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 2 months
  • Aligned Woman Biweekly Payment Plan

    Every 2 weeks
    Valid for 4 weeks
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