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Reiki Trainings

For your Healing

Healing refers to consciously diving deep inside to discover the suffering and blocks we carry (usually from the past). Spiritual tools like reiki (energy healing) are used as conscious catalysts in the alchemical process of growth and transformation. Through the process new gifts and insight are often accessed to bring you into higher alignment with your true Self, creating a life of freedom and love. 


Master Reiki Training

Heal Yourself + Awaken Your Gifts + Help Others Heal + Align with Your Soul's Service + Hold Healing Space + Teach Others to Heal Themselves

Connect with me to learn!

Reiki Shoden is the first degree of reiki where the main focus is starting your reiki journey by learning how to heal and love yourself unconditionally. You will receive your very first attunement to the reiki healing symbol and initiation to the healing art of reiki.

Reiki Okuden is the second degree of reiki where the main focus is learning techniques to advance your energy healing practice and help others heal. You will feel a deeper sense of connection to those around you and receive your second attunement to the power, harmony, and distance healing symbols.

​Reiki Master Shinpiden is the third degree of reiki where the main focus is for you to become a reiki teacher and master healer. This course is only for those who are serious about becoming a reiki master and feel the call to teach it to others.

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