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Ceremonial Cacao: Heart Medicine

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Cacao is so much more than just some fancy hot chocolate drink, or a trend of the modern day spiritualist and space holder. It is an ancient medicine of the earth.

Used for centuries, cacao is a sacred heart medicine that cultivates warmth, grounding, compassion, love and openness. Many refer to her as a mother, grandmother, Mama Cacao, and a divine feminine ally of the earth. She is native to Central America, Africa and Indonesia, and was first used by the Mesoamerican civilization known as the Olmecs.

Ceremonial Cacao is made into a paste from the Cacao bean. The beans are fermented, toasted and ground into a paste for convenient use, but traditionally they were eaten raw with the pulp of the fruit. Cacao was known as a plant of the gods.

The Cacao bean is rich in minerals, antioxidants that reduce the damage of oxidation, theobromine - a vasodilator, phenethylamine which improves the mood and increases pleasure, tryptophan which produces serotonin, magnesium, and so much more!!

Due to all of its properties cacao can have different affects to your body and mind. Mostly Cacao uplifts your mood and calms your ming at the same time. She can have a slight psychedelic effect, relax your muscles and menstrual cramps, act as an antidepressant, and is a great ally for meditations and spiritual practices.

Also be aware that cacao can have negative affects if you are pregnant or have blood pressure imbalances. If you're on antidepressants or doing too much cardiovascular exercise.

*Please don't give it to your pets!

Over all Cacao is a gentle, loving and delicious (if you like bitter;) ceremonial drink that is taking over the planet with her heart healing medicine. You can add spices such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, masala chai, ginger, black pepper, or whatever your heart desires. Adding in milks and sweeteners can make it your own, however more traditionally it is a simple recipe of cacao paste and hot water, with maybe some cayenne pepper for activation and cinnamon for taste.

Sitting with Cacao is an opportunity to be in ritual, ceremony, and devotion. I recommend making it an intentional practice of love and receptivity. Here is a simple Cacao Ceremony that you can try...

Cacao Ceremony

What You'll Need

- 20-50g Ceremonial cacao (depending on familiarity and health)

- 1/2 - 1cup Water

- Cinnamon

- Cayenne pepper

- 1/2cup Milk of your choice (Optional*) (I recommend coconut)

- Sweetener (Optional*) (I recommend honey)

- Bundle of sage or smudging herbs

- Candle

- Lighter

- Safe Space

What To Do

1) Gather all your materials and set up a sweet space to sit in ceremony if you don't already have one.

2) Light your candle with the intentions of opening the ceremony, bringing light to the darkness, and call in Mama Cacao and any other beings you consciously choose.

3) Use the flame to ignite your smudge bundle and begin to cleans yourself top to bottom, back to front, or in anyway that feels intuitive. Take deep breaths and release that which doesn't serve you and the highest. Offer gratitude to the plant allies.

4) With mindfulness begin to make your cacao. Bring your water to just before simmering then turn it to low. Add your cacao and stir until melted. (Don't boil your Cacao). Here you can sing a cacao song, mantra, or song that feels aligned with your intentions!

5) Once blended add in your milk and sweetener if desired and the additional spices. Mix and pour.

6) Return to your ceremonial space. Take a few moments to smudge your Cacao while offering your gratitude to the earth.

7) Take your mug in both of your hands and hold it in front of your heart. Let love flow from your heart and out through your hands and into your Cacao. Here you can infuse your cacao with your intentions.

8) Drink your Cacao with presence and mindfulness. Receive her sacred heart medicine!

9) I recommend taking this time to sit with yourself, journal, breathe, meditate, or connect with loved ones in deep and intentional ways!

I would absolutely love to hear about your Cacao ceremony and experiences with this sacred heart medicine! I would love to hear from you by email at or on Instagram @jessicahbirch. I would also love to hold you in ceremony during one of my Cacao Ceremony Gatherings.

Jessicah xo

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