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Kundalini: Shakti Awakening

Kundalini is the dormant energy that lies at the base of the body and spine. It is an energetic potential that we all possess for awakening and liberation. Spiritually it represents the dormant Shakti (divine feminine) energy that lies asleep at the root of the energy body. She is the sacred goddess or creative energy and potential that we all have regardless of gender or identity.

Kundalini yoga is an ancient and intense yogic practice designed to stimulate and clear the way for your Kundalini Shakti energy to rise and unite with Shiva (divine masculine) in the crown. This unity (yoga) is the spiritual experience of enlightenment, where the feminine creative chaos makes her way back home to the ever present masculine abode.

In order for Kundalini Shakti to awaken from her deep sleep she needs to be stimulated. This can be done through breath, movement, tantric sex, the inward focus of meditation, taoist practices, and so much more. Once awakened however, due to our karmas she is often trapped and cannot make it past the lowest chakra centres.

The path must be cleared!

There are 3 major energy channels (nadis) that run through our body from root to crown:

  1. Ida Nadi - The feminine or yin channel on the left side of the spine

  2. Pingala Nadi - The masculine or yang channel on the right side of the spine

  3. Sushumna Nadi - The centre channel that runs in the centre of the spinal columns energy body

It is the Sushumna Nadi that Shakti travels to Shiva for their union, however most of the time we are only using one, and it is rare that both side channels are open and balanced for Kundalini to travel up the centre. So, the first thing we much do is balance our internal yin and yang energies.

Once balanced, Shakti will begin her ascension through the Sushumna only to meet the Chakra system with all of its dis-alignment and blockages (all of your dis-alignment and energetic blocks). Each Chakra must then be opened, aligned, and balanced in order for the Kundalini energy to pierce through and make her way up to the crown.

In order to awaken Shakti and clear her path back to Shiva we MUST do the work. This is our collective life's purpose in regards to spiritual enlightenment and the evolution of consciousness for all.

Kundalini yoga is a practice comprised of series of Kriyas (yoga postures) designed specifically to do this spiritual and energetic work. It is an intense practice for those who have been practicing yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation for quite some time and are ready to deepen their practice into one that is deeply spiritual and transformative.

My Kundalini classes vary in challenge based on the cycle of the moon and universal energy at the time. This creates a deep connection within yourself, with your body and soul, aligning you to a highest potential. They will make you feel aligned, healthy, vibrant, expansive, and spiritually connected and strong. Each class includes moments of opening mantra and prayer, pranayama, asana, savasana, meditation, and closing song and mantra.

Join my online Kundalini classes here.

Jess xo

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