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The Holy Trinity of Womanhood

The Holy Trinity of womanhood is something that I discovered organically and began working with intuitively long before I had a name for it.

The journey for me began in the upper triangle of spiritual centres inorder to pull me out of the sleep state I had unknowingly succumbed to by societal conditioning. After some intense and profound years of spiritual awakening the doors opened and I began my descent into the womb where I would rise once again years later as a whole new woman.

Keep in mind that although it may look like a linear path it infact is not. Your journey as a spiritual being and as a woman is uniquely your own.

So what exactly is the Holy Trinity? And what does it have to do with your womanhood?

Let's break it down,

The Lower Triangle is your Human. It contains the 3 lower chakra centres: the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus. Here specifically were focusing on the sacral chakra, the Womb. Your womb is an infiite portal of creativity and carries the first key of sensuality in your womanhood.

The Bridge is your Heart. It containes, well, your Heart Chakra. The Heart is the bridge between worlds, between dualities in all formes, and holds the second key of love in your womanhood.

The Upper Triangle is your Spirit. It contains the 3 upper chakra centers: the Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown. Here specifically were focusing on the 3rd Eye. Your third eye holds the final key of Intuition in your womanhood.

As the divine feminine awakens on this planet once again, many of us are being asked what it truly means to be a woman, and what feels most in alignment to embody as we anchor a new paradigm of light on the planet. Connection and embodiment in these three centres laydown the foundation for just that.

When a woman is deeply connected to and grounded in her womb it means that she feels safe within herself and she truly knows herself. Women are cyclical beings and in each phase of the cycle were are a slighlty different woman. As each of these facets become more integrated we step more firmly into our bodies and sensuality. Your sensuality is the pleasure of love and is seperate from (though connected to) your sexuality. When a woman feels safe enough within herself to experience the divinity of her senses she is in her power.

When a woman is connected to and open in her heart it means that love flows freely in abundance. In a world where experiences often cause us to close our hearts and create great walls between us and them, it takes a strong woman to remain open. Or at least open back up time and time again. Your heart is the place where all of you exits as one, it is the connecting point between your human self and your spiritual self. The divine feminines purpose and greatest desire while in human form is love and connection, a womans purpose is of the heart.

When a woman is connected to and awakened in her 3rd eye it means that her intuitive wisdom and vision are clear. She can see beyond the 3D senses and into the infinite void of the unknown, bringing the unseen to light. Women are the great oracles and seers of the world, gifted with a deep relationship to the spiritual dimensions. When her channel is open she is the goddess in form, and through her being light is restored and remembered. A woman that sees clearly is a woman that knows the way back home to the great one in which we all are.

When a woman is awakened and aligned in these three centres she is the goddess incarnated.

Here is a free Holy Trinity Meditation to help you connect✨

Jess xo

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