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Sadhana: Daily Spiritual Practice

Sadhana, simply said, is your daily spiritual practice. Traditionally this refers to your meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are endless, from mental, emotional, physical, to spiritual wellbeing. Meditation positively impacts all of your bodily systems, your brain, and your DNA.

So, let's take a moment to discuss what exactly is meditation, and why meditate?

Meditation is a state of being, with a clear mental and emotional state, and a sense of peacefulness. It is a place where duality fades away and oneness of self can be

experienced directly.

The overall reason to meditate is to train your mind so that it no longer has control over you, so that it can be used as a tool instead of causing you suffering. Meditation can be

used to help and heal anything that is karmically able, and brings benefit to any and all aspects of yourself and life.

When it comes to your Sadhana, a few things are important...

It is said that the ambrosial hours (before sunrise and after sunset) are the most spiritually beneficial times to meditate, along with significant points in the lunar cycle, such as the new and full moon. This being said it is important to find a time that works naturally for you so that you are living in an intuitive flow, and to be consistent, everyday. It is more beneficial to practice a little everyday than a lot one day and not the next. Baby steps are more practical and help to rewire the brain and create real change.

It is important to practice meditation in a place and way that you feel safe. It is usually best to start in a quiet and private place so that you feel safe enough to let go. Meditation is also something that can be your state of being all the time and can be practiced anywhere. When beginning and ending your practice it is essential to open and close the container of your practice in some way. This could be through prayer, chanting, lighting and blowing out a candle on your altar, etc...

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It is usually recommended to sit down with your back straight because it aligns the spine and energy channels for optimum flow, as well as keeps you present and awake. Meditation can be done laying down, in a chair, walking, showering, anything... the biggest factor is that you do it consistently each day. This will change your life.

If you feel called to develop your own personal Sadhana, check out my signature Meditation Transformation program!

Jess xo

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