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Prayer: Call to Spirit

What is prayer?

The simplest way to describe it is communication with Spirit/God/The Divine. But, there is so much more to it than that. Prayer opens up a line of communication, that when you hold qualities like awareness, gratitude, curiosity, and receptivity, you not only make the call, you hear the voice coming from the other end.

So, who is this voice?

Most of us look outside of our selves for guidance everyday, which isn't a bad thing. Sometimes external influences can have the most beautiful impact on our lives. These voices can carry us down beautiful paths and guide us closer to Spirit. Others, obviously will impact us in the complete opposite way, and everywhere in between.

This is where we can have choice.

Because, what about the voice inside? The voice of our inner guide? The one that knows the way, or at least a way... and all paths lead home.

So, how to pick up the phone and make the call?

Firstly, let me just say that many of us have been in a place of desperation, crying out and praying for help mindlessly... that's okay too (been there many a times). The thing is that in this state we are less likely to receive our answer. Which brings me to my second point, that sometimes we are not meant to receive an answer yet. (A conversation for another day).

In these moments, TRUST.

When we enter prayer mindfully it becomes a ritual.
  1. Begin grounding yourself by stilling your body and bringing your awareness to your breath. Breathe slowly and relax.

  2. It is important to come from a place of gratitude. It is one thing to offer your thoughts and intentions from a place of abundance and love, its another from scarcity and fear.

  3. Drop out of your mind and enter into your heart with curiosity. The mind carries many different voices, the heart only has one.

  4. Open yourself to receive the voice you hold within and listen.

  5. Celebrate the connection. Let the vibrations created from within ripple out and carry your prayer!

As you can see, prayer come from the heart.

So, as cliché as it is

Follow your heart❤


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