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Bells of Love

Breast Massage is a sacred ritual for women who desire to open their hearts, and live more loving and abundant lives. It is for the women who want to connect more deeply not only to themselves, but also with their lovers and the world. 


When we open up the heart, and love on our breasts, we awaken our heartgasmic potential.

This masterclass is beginner friendly and designed to awaken you to the pleasure and inner goddess of your heart, offer you a practice to deepen your self love and self care rituals, and get fuller juicer breasts!

Bells of Love

Recording is now available!

The Ritual

  • A Transmission on:

  • Physical Benefits of Breast Massage

  • Spiritual Effects of Opening Your Heart

  • The Tantric & Taoist Roots & Practice

  • A Ritual to:

  • Deepen Intimacy with Yourself & Your Lover

  • Open Your Heart to More Abundance & Love 

  • Fill Your Breasts & Awaken Your Heartgasm Potential

Breast Massage
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