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Throat Chakra: Centre of Expression

The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and the first of the higher centres. Here we are one step closer to dissolving the illusion of duality, though not quite. In order for us to experience expressing ourselves outwardly, there must be an inwardly. There must be the illusion of separation, though through this portal we can enter the realm of oneness. Through this physical and spiritual channel the heart is connected to indivisibility.

This is the centre of expression, communication, space, and the outward manifestation of creative and divine feminine energy. It is the portal of sound that carries our ability to deliver our unique gifts to the world. It offers us mediums of creativity, and personal and divine expansion.

This inner celestial sphere provides the space to express our inner passions, emotions and worlds, and to share our gifts and truths. The ability to tap into this sacred force of expression requires us to be authentic, speak from the heart, and tap into our magical creativity.

The Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat and includes the shoulders, neck, and jaw. It is a representation of our inner element of ether (space) which connects us to spirit, the cosmic and celestial planes, and other realms. This portal symbolizes our voice, authenticity, creative expression and expansion, and truth. It connects us to our sense of sound and offers us the gift of music and song.

If you often experience fear of speaking, difficulty expressing your feelings and thoughts, shyness, or the sensations of having a "frog in your throat", then it is likely that your chakra is under active. Or maybe you've noticed the opposite occurs where your chakra is over active, where you frequently talk too much, are overly loud, unable to listen, participate in gossiping, have an overly dominating voice, or interrupt others unnecessarily.

When a chakra is imbalanced it is usually connected to your own inner suffering and karmic lessons. Thankfully there are many things you can do to bring healing...

Here are 3 things you can do to bring health and balance to your

Throat Chakra:

  1. Lay in nature, in the sunshine and watch the sky, become one with its infinite blue, or close your eyes and listen to the sounds that surround you.

  2. Sing fearlessly and from the heart. Feel the vibrations created within you.

  3. Before you speak to yourself or others ask yourself these three things:

    1. Is it necessary?

    2. Is it true?

    3. Is it kind?

When your throat chakra is in a healthy state you will be a good listener that holds such stillness you become a mirror for others, have clear communication, a resonant voice, and live your life through divine creative expression.

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