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Magnetic Field: Centre of Vibration

The Magnetic Field is also known as the aura, and is the space that surrounds you and holds your own personal vibration. It is made up of the vibrations and expanded fields of your chakras.

It is the first part of you to come into contact with others and therefore introduces you and says more about you than the actions you take and words you express.

Your aura holds everything about you beyond time and space. This vibrational expansion of your self also provides you with a sense of protection and personal space.

It is a field that fluctuates and expands according to your chakras, and thus your mind, emotions, experience, etc...

It is an expression of your expansiveness that allows us to see, feel and experience your true essence beyond the masks you wear and roles you play.

The Magnetic Field is located in the space that directly surrounds you and extends outwards to varying degrees. The aura expands and contracts and reflects different colours depending on a variety of things. It is a direct representation of your inner vibrational state.

When your aura is not in a healthy and protective state it can make you feel weak, insecure, unprotected and attract negativity, and easily take on the energy of others.

When your aura is in a healthy, balanced state you will have a sense of security and identity, attracts positive energy, and creates a sense of protection.

Here are 3 things you can do to bring health and balance to your

Magnetic Field:

  1. Wear White Clothes

  2. Smudge and Cleanse your Aura with Sage or Palo Santo

  3. Practice Kundalini Yoga

The Aura...

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