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Crown Chakra: Centre of Spirituality

The Crown Chakra is the last of 7, though it's not always considered an actual chakra. It is more of a gateway to the divine, a doorway for your soul, and a channel for cosmic energy. This is the centre of spirit where we are directly connected and one with source.

This is the centre of spirit and spirituality, of one consciousness, unity, and enlightenment. It is the portal of vibration that allows us to remember our true essence and interconnectedness. It shows us our true nature of infinite expansion.

Through this physical and spiritual channel we become the unspeakable.

This inner gateway to the infinite provides us with conscious awareness and higher understanding. The ability to tap into this sacred doorway to the divine requires us to detach from human ego and attachments, and let spirit in.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and includes the immediate space above your head, hair, and nervous system. It is a representation of our vibrational and infinite nature. This portal symbolizes our higher understanding, conscious awareness, and true enlightenment.

If you're experiencing a rigid belief system, learning difficulties, spiritual cynicism, or excess energy in lower chakras, than it is likely that your chakra is under active. Or if you're experiencing over intellectualization and identification with spirituality, confusion, or disassociation with humanness, then it is overactive.

When your Crown Chakra is in a healthy, balanced state you will be spiritually connected, have deep understanding, open as a channel, mindful, aware, and open minded.

Here are 3 things you can do to bring health and balance to your

Crown Chakra:

  1. Pray to Sprit (or whatever you believe in), your angels and guides, and your higher self.

  2. Meditate on the visualization of being an open channel of light.

  3. Learn Reiki healing.

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