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The Coven

Welcome to The Coven! 

Hello beautiful sister, I wish you a warm welcome into this exclusive and intimate space!


Here in The Coven we are a small group of woman on similar and sacred journeys of reclaiming who we are as medicine women. We've done and are doing the work to be our most authentic soul self and we have a desire to be seen and connect deeply with each other.

This is a safe space for us to share our stories, be witnessed in both our shadows and our light, and help each other rise with the wisdom each one of us holds inside!

The Mastermind Library

Here you will find access to all of our Circle & Meditation recordings!

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The Schedule

Here is the private schedule for our Coven calls. You can find the schedule for the Collective calls in The Collective section.

Please note the time change from 8:00am to 9:00am come March!

The Program

The Coven


The Coven is an intimate group of sisters coming together to dive deeper and share their own unique journey. Together we will share our stories and guide each other through deep healing and shadow work as a wise group of sisters.


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