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Spiritual Alchemy


Spiritual Alchemy

Unity of human, heart & spirit

An 8 week Journey of Aligning your Womb, Heart & Spirit  + Awakening Divine Feminine Shakti + Vocal Activation + Somatic Kundalini Movement + Meditation



Connect to your body, womb, pleasure & desires + Open your heart to love, oneness & freedom + Reawaken to your psychic gifts, intuition & connection to spirit

This is an 8 week journey of: 

  • Kundalini and divine feminine awakening

  • Nervous system regulation and divine masculine awareness

  • A combination of philosophical education, somatic and vocal practice

  • Deepening your connection to your body, your womb & your sex centre to reclaim your sense of pleasure and guiding desires

  • Opening your heart, remembering your essence as love, and finding balance of freedom between the human and spiritual world

  • Reawakening your intuitive & psychic gifts, your psychic centre & spiritual self, & reestablish connection to Spirit 

Spiritual Alchemy is a sacred journey for women who desire more from life, who know that there is something bigger & want to strengthen their connection to it, and who know that there is something divine within themselves waiting to be unleashed - a purpose, a passion, a path.


It is a program designed to awaken the wisdom of your divine Kundalini Shakti, to anchor you down into your body and womb, open your heart to the love that you seek and crave, and to connect you to your higher Self and soul expression.



Alignment & Unity between...
your psychic centre & spiritual self
your heart centre & loving self
your sex centre & human self



Online Women's Circle


Ritual & Ceremony


Spiritual Philosophy


Kundalini Movement

Vocal Toning

Divine Unity Embodiment


Meditation & Prayer

Surprise Bonus!


The Spiritual Alchemy Class Schedule

Classes are bi-weekly on Thursdays at 5:30-7:00pm IST/8:00-9:30am EST

April 27th Opening Ceremony
May 11th Activation #1 - The Womb
May 25th Activation #2 - The Heart
June 8th Activation #3 - The Spirit
June 22nd Closing 

Spiritual Alchemy
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