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Spiritual Alchemy


Spiritual Alchemy

Unity between body, heart & spirit

A  bi-weekly 9 week journey of opening ceremony + connecting to your 3 main centres + awakening the divine feminine & masculine polarities + opening your heart to the oneness of it all + closing ceremony



Connect to your body, womb, pleasure & desires + Open your heart to love, oneness & freedom + Reawaken to your psychic gifts, intuition & connection to spirit

This is a 9 week journey of: 

  • Deepening your connection to your body, your human self & your sex centre to reclaim your sense of pleasure and guiding desires

  • Opening your heart, remembering your essence as love, and finding balance of freedom between the human and spiritual world

  • Reawakening your intuitive & psychic gifts, your psychic centre & spiritual self, & reestablish connection to Spirit 

Spiritual Alchemy is a sacred journey for women who desire more from life, who know that there is something bigger & want to strengthen their connection to it, and who know that there is something divine within themselves waiting to be unleashed - a purpose, a passion, a path.


It is a program designed to awaken you to the wisdom of your body & sex, to awaken your divine Shakti, to open your heart to the love that you seek and crave, and to connect you to your higher Self and soul expression.


Alignment & Unity between...
your psychic centre & spiritual self
your heart centre & loving self
your sex centre & human self



Ritual & Ceremony


Kundalini Movement

Meditation & Prayer


Breath Work 


Chakra Philosophy


Energy Healing

Archetype Activation


Through the years of my awakening and healing journey it has become so clear to me that in order to get to the place we are all seeking, the home we all know deep down inside, it is imperative to incorporate all aspect of ourselves - our self (human self), Self (highest self), and everything in-between (the heart).


A great division, the bases of duality has taken over, a separation between human & spirit, feminine and masculine, black and white. In this separation we loose parts of ourselves that are detrimental to our destiny in the awakening of consciousness. It is, in my opinion, necessary to bring it all together & live from the heart.

Who its for:

Those wanting to connect to the 3 main aspects of their being.

Those desiring to deepen their connection to their body, human self & sex centre.

Those that remember their essence as love & want to live in alignment with abundance.

Those wanting to live a more spiritual & guided life


Who its Not for:

Those who don't  have interest in spirituality & healing practices.

Those don't feel the power of energetic & healing modalities.

Those who are not seeking more pleasure, love, connection, presence, alignment, or intuition.

Those who don't want to invest in themselves & their growth.

Those who don't wish to lead a more spiritual & connected life.

Spiritual Alchemy
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