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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jessicah for several years. She is such a lovely being of light and filled with fascinating insights about life and her spiritual quest of transformation growth. Jessicah truly has the gift of healing and always holds a safe space with her calming energy. The pure love and light that she spreads is a sacred gift.

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I had the pleasure of attending Jessicah's Kundalini yoga classes & thoroughly enjoyed them! She is knowledgeable and had a lot of information to share. I look forward to seeing what else she has in store.


When you meet with Jessicah, you feel a sense of comfort and peace. Jessicah is truly an intuitive and spiritual soul who can guide you on your healing journey.

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I’ve had the pleasure to interact with Jessicah and truly enjoy her services on several different occasions. I’ll start off by saying in this community of spirituality and awareness, you can tell who’s in it for the money and who’s in it because of their own search, experiences, trauma and growth. Jess is genuinely wanting to provide services and help teach and heal people who struggle with blockage and generational trauma. Her essence is very soft and calming, gentle and blissful with a pinch of fire, intense power and passion to be deeply rooted into this journey of practice, healing, and teaching.

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I have been lucky enough to participate in several of Jessicah’s different yoga classes. Her presence in the room is so calming and her voice is so soothing that you can’t help but just surrender. Her classes also include meditation and pranayama so you can’t help but leave the class radiating happiness out into the world. I would highly recommend to anybody looking to release old, negative energy, to anyone looking to develop their knowledge and skill in yoga and meditation or to anyone just looking to meet a beautiful soul.

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Samantha Steel

Jess is an amazing teacher and brings a lot of knowledge and understanding to all of her classes. I recently started her Chakra Workshop Series and have joined a few of her other mediation classes as well and have had such an amazing experience so far! she creates a safe place to share experiences and offers guidance as well as sharing her own experiences and how these practices have helped her. I have known Jess for a long time but have never taken any classes with her before and am so happy that I am now. Truly it has been such a wonderful experience so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the series as well as any others that she offers later!

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This was my first one on one reiki session and it was so touching, I could explore those parts of my life which I would always keep tucked behind my mind. It made me emotionally stronger. She's such an intuitive and calming healer and teacher. The one week reiki training that I took has helped me so much in my day to day life it's beyond words. Keep up the good work Jessicah. Much love


Jessicah is an amazing spiritual teacher, and has helped me so much with guiding me on my meditation practice, and getting clarity. I first met her when she was teaching yoga in North Bay- her calming, serene presence is admirable. I'm grateful that she's grown her practice to help others heal themselves. Definitely recommend her services!

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It’s been a pleasure to know Jessicah.

Not just as a student but also as a healer she is amazing and accurate. On the path of healing and as a Reiki instructor, I got to learn a lot from her. She spreads positivity, kindness, and happiness around her.

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