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Reiki Level I

Reiki Level I Training

Reiki Shoden

An Introduction & Attunement to Reiki & Self - Healing

Reiki Shoden is the first degree of reiki where the main focus is starting your reiki journey by learning how to heal and love yourself unconditionally. In this course we cover the basis of what Reiki is and how it works, the history of the Usui Reiki lineage, the basic to intermediate foundations of the chakra system and the magnetic field, many meditation practices that amplify your healing practice and the activation of reiki and the traditional self healing practice. You will gain a deeper understanding and connection to yourself, your energy body, and your karmic wounds. You will receive your very first attunement to reiki healing and initiation to the healing art of reiki.


Reiki Level I is...
an activation of your inner guide
an initiation to your healing gifts
an attunement to the divine cosmic source


✓ Usui Reiki Shoden

 ❊ Reiki

Reiki Shoden

How it Works

The Five Reiki Principles


❊ Channel Activation Meditation

✓ History & Lineage

✓ The Chakras

❊ Chakra Meditation

Aura (Magnetic Field)

❊ Aura Meditation 


Personal Reiki Practice

❊ Treatment Outline

❊ Hand Positions

❊ Self Healing Practice

What We'll Cover


This is for those who:

❀ Are ready to begin a deep healing journey

❀ Are seeking deep transformation within themselves 

Are seeking something "higher" & unspeakable

❀ Are looking to take their healing into their own hands

❀ Are tired of looking outside of themselves for the answers they seek

❀ Are ready to find their truth & inner guide

❀ Are seeking change from the inside out

❀ Who struggle with mental/emotional/physical health

❀ Want to cultivate self love & self care practices

❀ Are looking to improve their intuition

What You'll Receive

♥ In-depth knowledge & understanding of what reiki is, how it works, & where it comes from

♥ Connection & understanding of the 7 chakras

♥ Knowledge & awareness of the aura

♥ Several meditation practices & techniques

♥ How to use Reiki to connect to & heal yourself

♥ Practical practice & integration

♥ Your first attunement to Reiki

♥ Your Reiki Level I Certificate

 So much more!

Reiki Level I
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