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Reiki Healing: Life Force Energy

Reiki is the channeling and use of cosmic life force energy for the purpose of healing. It literally means "universal life force energy", and was a long lost art of healing that has been used by healers and enlightened ones since the beginning of time.

It was rediscovered in Japan, in the 1920's by a man named Dr. Mikao Usui. Upon receiving his attunement to the power of Reiki he gained wisdom, knowledge and symbolism of the art. From here Reiki has spread all across the world in the form of light and love, and has acted as a doorway for healers to tap into their gifts and healing abilities that were long forgotten.

For me, the path of Reiki is exactly that, an opportunity to reconnect to the divine cosmic energy within and around us, remember who we are, and the healing gifts we carry in this lifetime. It offers a method of connection to the divine source that we are, a way to heal and love ourselves, and to heal and be of service to others.

That being said, Reiki goes beyond healing ourselves, balancing our chakras, and doing the same for other individuals. It has the power to shift the worlds level of consciousness into the 5th dimension, offer love and healing light beyond space, time and causation, and bring us together in oneness with truth and nature.

Reiki is the medicine we need to heal from our past traumas and bring us back together as one love.

May we all be healthy, happy & free...

For more information on Reiki click the link below to join my FREE Reiki Healing Workshop August 14, 2021, or catch the replay!

Jess xo

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