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Divine Mother: Forces of Nature

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Connecting to and healing my relationship with the mother archetype has been a long and hard journey that goes beyond the trauma I experienced in childhood, and deep into ancestral baggage. But, as I learn to grow in this connection and embody my own archetype of the divine mother, immense healing has taken place. I feel that we need to be reminded that we are children of the earth and of the divine, and do not need to be bound any longer to the toxic patterns that many of us have grown up in.

As daughters, growing up in a rather unconscious world with shaming cultures and family systems, it can feel overwhelming and terrifying to stand in your light and shine brightly. Many of us have placed ourselves in a neat and tidy box bound by shame, perfectionism, and people pleasing. We obsessively do everything we can to keep ourselves small and weak, stereotypically beautiful, and NICE. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge believer in kindness... but not if it comes from fear and leads to the resentment that many of us hold.

The funny (not so funny) thing is that these survival tactics that we develop during childhood are not even ours to begin with, and are more often than not, no longer necessary to our survival. If you've begun to wake up and plan on birthing life into this world it is your duty to heal. Let me tell you why...

Imagine this: your maternal grandma with all of her conditioning, human needs of survival, and everything she was going through at the time (war, the great depression, women's rights movements, fill in the blank) is carrying your mother. Now inside your mother is an egg that holds the potential of you, absorbing everything that had been experienced and ingrained until 20-30 years later when you were created and born. All of this conditioning is embedded in our family systems and within yourself, and it is up to you to peel the layers away and shine!

Im not going to lie, it has taken a ton of emotional, mental, and spiritual work to move through my own trauma, let alone that of my ancestors, though I see them as less separate now. Through understanding, self-nurturing, and compassion - forgiveness and love often follow. It is time we re-establish your connection to and as the divine feminine, nurturing beings that we are from a place of wholeness.

So how do we invoke these qualities and come to a place were we are infinitely connected to the divine mother and her magical forces? Im glad you asked ;)

Firstly, it is important to recognize that things are not usually personal, they are reflections of someone else's personal, inner reality that was likely projected onto them and now they are conditioned. Nothing is new, these experiences, ways of interacting are infinitely old and are finally coming into the light by the collective. You are not alone. It is time to put these perceptions and beliefs down to make room for the inner voice to come through.

You are your own expression of the divine feminine, and the divine mother. Although it may be easier for those in female bodies and identify as such to connect with energy, it is by no means bound to gender. We all have an inner mother, father, child, etc... Energy is energy and duality will only take us so far.

Secondly, self-reflection is a vital key and turning point in your own revolution. We've taken on conditioning, the voices and opinions of others and its time we take responsibility for how we've played into them, and PUT THEM DOWN!

Usually however, dropping them is not so easy. There are voices we think are our own, beliefs of a lack of worthiness and enoughness that are deeply ingrained. So developing a strong inner voice is (what I believe at this stage) essential in overcoming these false fears and believes. This is the voice of the divine mother.

My absolute favourite way to connect to this voice and essence is through nature. Mother Nature when heard and observed holds all the wisdom and love we need. Her forces are represented by the elements, her slow and nurturing processes, her stillness and movement, her silence and song... the list goes on.

The elements of nature hold all of the characteristics that make up the healthy mother archetype. These elements hold much more wisdom than their stereotypical representations, though they too hold value. Earth represents the safety, security, presence and stillness. Water represents emotional and creative intelligence, movement and flow, stillness and clarity, purity and cleansing. Fire represents boundaries and ferociousness, her ability to transform and rise from the ashes, warmth, and to bring light into the darkness. Air represents the space to hold unconditional love and compassion, breath, Prana and life force energy, and openness. Spirit represents her essence, life and creation, higher conscious, understanding and wisdom, and song.

I could go on and on based on my own experiences and connections, but my intention is for you to create your own connection, your own voice and inner guidance system. She holds more wisdom than these brief representations and can come through with insight and love specifically for you and what you're experiencing. My suggestion to you is of one of two options:

  1. Go within, connect to these elements within you and ask with an open mind and heart what they can offer to the parts of you that suffer like a wounded child. Invoke your inner divine motherly voice and nurture these thoughts like children of your own. Acknowledge them, accept them as they are, offer them unconditional love and compassion, and when they're ready, guide them wisely.

  2. Sit in nature, tune into your senses and receive her essence. Observe her, listen to her, feel her, etc. Absorb her sacred wisdom with openness and curiosity. Notice what stands out to you the most, maybe a rock or a tree, and ask "What is your secret?" Receive her answer and let it seep into the parts of you that are suffering and calling for her love.

My prayer is that this offering will help nurture the parts of you and your ancestors that have been suffering for generations. That you will be able to heal your relationship with the divine mother and her archetypes, and receive the love and compassion that you need in order to put down all the false perceptions that you carry and give way for your authenticity to shine through.

May we learn to love and nurture ourselves like sacred children of the divine and cultivate a world that is more loving and accepting of the divine feminine ways.

Peace and love,


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