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Feminine Facets

Unleashing The Full Spectrum Woman

September 28th at 9:00am EST

Feminine Facets is a FREE Masterclass for the woman who desires to break free from the cage she is in. Whether entrapped by the patriarchy, society, family, or even herself, she is ready to burn it all down, rise from the ashes and spread her wings once more.


The divine feminine goddess nature is never just one thing. She cannot be placed in a box, a personality or embodiment that does not flow with her every shifting nature. The goddess is like the moon, with many phases, faces, personalities, and archetypes. 

When we tap into the wisdom and cycle of the womb we begin to reclaim our authentic voice and self, and give ourselves permission to BE IT ALL!


✓ Womb Connection

✓ Menstrual Cycle Awareness


✓ Goddess Codes & Activations


✓ Divine Feminine Archetype Embodiment


✓ Sisterhood Circle & Sharing

✓ Q&A with Jessicah

Feminine Facets
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