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Reiki Level III

Reiki Level III Training

Reiki Shinpiden

A Completion & Attunement to Reiki Master Healer & Teacher

​Reiki Master Shinpiden is the third degree of reiki where the main focus is for you to become a reiki teacher and master healer. In this course we move beyond the chakra system and into the infinite world within each of us. We learn to establish a deep relationship with own intuition, inner voice and healing gifts and create a deep connection to the energetic forces of Prana through breath. You will learn everything you need to know about how to conduct your own workshops and reiki trainings, and how to give attunements to others. You will receive your own final attunements to the many remaining healing symbols and initiation as a master healer. You will leave with a strong sense of purpose and soul direction. This course is only for those who are serious about becoming a reiki master and feel the call to teach it to others.


Reiki Level III is...
an activation of your inner guru
an initiation as a teacher of healing
an attunement to the mastery of reiki


✓ Usui Reiki Shinpiden

✓ Prana

Yogic Breathing

Channeling Pranayama Meditation

✓ Master Symbols

❊ Usui Dai Ko Myo

❊ Tibetan Dai Ko Myo

❊ Raku

❊ Tibetan Fire Serpent

❊ +11 more

❊ Sacred Healing Grid

✓ Master Meditations

❊ Inner Listening Meditation 

❊ Crown Opening/Activation Meditation 

Hosting Trainings

❊ The Art of Holding Space

❊ The Art of Listening

❊ The Art of Channeling

Performing Attunements


What We'll Cover


This is for those who:

❀ Are ready to become a master & teacher

❀ Are seeking deep transformation within themselves & the world

Are seeking something "higher" and unspeakable

❀ Feel called to teach as a life purpose

❀ Are ready to spread the teachings of Reiki & energy healing

❀ Are ready to teach others to find their truth and inner guide

❀ Are ready to support others along their self healing journeys

❀ Who seek deeper meaning in life

❀ Want to deepen their connection to spirit & the divine

❀ Are looking to host trainings and workshops

What You'll Receive

♥ In-depth knowledge & understanding of Prana


Connection, understanding, & application of over 11+ Master Healing Symbols


♥ How to create an energy healing grid


Several meditation practices for activation & intuition


♥ How to host Reiki Trainings of your own


How to perform Reiki Attunements for yourself & others

♥ Practical practice & homework


♥ Your final attunement to Reiki


♥︎ Your Master Reiki Level III Certificate


♥︎ So much more!

Reiki Level III
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