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Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II Training

Reiki Okuden

An Expansion & Attunement to Reiki & Healing Others

Reiki Okuden is the second degree of reiki where the main focus is learning techniques to advance your energy healing practice and help others heal. In this course we will learn the three basic reiki symbols and how to apply them practically and in meditation, multiple energetic healing methods and tools that enhance your own intuition and ability to transform and move energy to invoke healing, how to maintain your own energy while interacting and working with others, and healing meditation practices for protection and connection. You will learn everything you need to know about how to give a reiki healing session to others through the practice of hands-on and hands-off Reiki. You will feel a deeper sense of connection to those around you and receive your second attunement to the power, harmony, and distance healing symbols.


Reiki Level II is...
an activation of your divine service 
an initiation to healing others
an attunement to distance healing gifts


✓ Usui Reiki Okuden

✓ Healing Symbols

❊ Power Healing Symbol

❊ Harmony Healing Symbol

❊ Distance Healing Symbol

✓ Healing Tools

Colour Therapy

❊ Sound Therapy 

❊ Crystal Therapy 

❊ Aromatherapy

Healing Techniques

❊ Bridging

❊ Psychic Surgery

❊ Visualization

❊ Prayer

Keeping Your Energy Clean

❊ Violet Flame Meditation


✓ Reiki Healing Session

❊ Hand Positions

❊ Healing Practice

What We'll Cover


This is for those who:

❀ Are ready to commit to healing others

❀ Are seeking healing as part of their purpose 

Are seeking to serve in a spiritual and loving way

❀ Are willing to step out of their comfort zone & be a support system for others

❀ Are ready to become a beacon of light for the world

❀ Are ready to affirm others & help them find their truth

❀ Are seeking tools & techniques to increase their healing abilities

❀ Who want to expand their knowledge & practice of Reiki

❀ Want to tap deeper into their empathic system & gifts

❀ Are looking to improve the stregth of their intuitive voice

What You'll Receive

♥ In-depth knowledge & understanding of the first 3 Reiki Healing Symbols


Connection, understanding, & application of several different Healing Tools


♥ Application of 4 major Healing Techniques into your Reiki Sessions


 Several meditation practices for activation & protection


♥ How to use Reiki to connect to & heal others


♥ How to do Distance Healing


♥ Practical practice & homework


♥ Your second attunement to Reiki


♥ Your Reiki Level II Certificate

 So much more!

Reiki Level II
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